At The Gloria Bakery, we make high-end, decadent Southern Classics that feature the best seasonal ingredients available. The Gloria Bakery’s offerings are discerning, centerpiece-worthy desserts and breads that will remind you of home.

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Southern classics. Seasonal ingredients. Centerpiece-worthy deliciousness.

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Learn about our origins and meet the Owner, Shani Whisonant.

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we make high-end desserts from the best-sourced ingredients, just for you.


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Southern Classics. Elevated.

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 10 reviews
 by Oby O
Can’t wait to order again!

Got my second order last week and the vanilla lavender cake and the chocolate pound cake did not disappoint! My family loves it! Can’t wait to order again!

 by Erika
Once again....

Once again, the raspberry champagne cake did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, the cake didn't last two days. Yes, I'm ordering another cake for the 4th. Yes, any excuse to get another cake will do. I'm accepting all judgment. Lol! I love these cakes!!!

Thank you Erika! I love love love making cakes for you and your family!

 by Oby Otti
Delicious and excellent customer service

I first found out about this bakery on IG over the holidays. Not only do the cakes taste AMAZING, Shani’s customer service is top notch! The entire experience from start to finish is impeccable. With the way the world has been, such excellent service is a breath of fresh air! I’m looking forward to ordering more!

 by Christine S.

Let me first start by saying that few products inspire me to submit public reviews. The most recent Gloria Bakery item I purchased was the Apple Spice Pound Cake, and it DID NOT disappoint! I openly reject the mass hysteria over pumpkin-spice everything in the fall and tend to seek out apple-flavored confections instead, so I was delighted to see the Apple Pound Cake on the menu. There are absolutely no corners cut with this cake - you can taste the quality ingredients in every bite, from the rich flavor of butter, delicate hint of cinnamon spice, light vanilla aroma, and of course the apple. The cake hit it out of the park with a moist yet light texture, that made me want to consume multiple slices at a time. Please don't judge, but I ate this cake before 9 am, paired it with my lunch, and after dinner each day it was in my house. LOL I'm sure you wouldn't be able to guess this from my review, but I usually prefer savory items and rarely crave desserts. The Gloria Bakery, however, always has me coming back for more - whether it's a seasonal apple spiced pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, or my personal fav, lemon pound cake!

 by Erika

The apple spice pound cake was moist and flavorful and the chocolate was rich with just the right amount of sweetness. I am a chocolate lover so the fact that I had a difficult time picking my favorite is a testament to Shani’s baking ability. I will definitely be ordering these delicious treats over the holidays. The next time I might even share them with my family!!!

 by Rai and Family

It’s the chocolate for me”. This cake was everything I didn’t want it to be. In my mind, I was hoping it was dry and gritty, but it was neither! When I tell you, this cake is FANTABULOUS, please believe me! I am so happy to know an excellent baker personally…looking forward to tasting and falling in love with more flavors. P.S. My daughter said the lemon cake was SMACK…that means GREAT!

 by Seth and Jean-Philippe

We had one of the cakes and had to try two more! Wow, they hit the right notes. The chocolate cake is moist and springy without being spongy; the chocolate is the right balance between milk and dark, and the ganache adds an extra kick of sugar that blends beautifully with the cake. The apple cake reminds you of autumn; it’s sweet without being saccharine, and it has just the right levels of vanilla and cinnamon. But the lemon cake is the tour de force; it is seriously phenomenal! It has the perfect consistency and the lemon flavor is present without being overwhelming or too subdued. It also didn’t feel or taste greasy or buttery, as is often the problem; and the candied lemon on the top … well, it puts it over the top. You can tell that Shani has thought carefully about the right levels of every ingredient, and the right process for each step. These cakes aren’t Entenmann’s that use sugar to overwhelm and distract you from its bland base (no offense!); these are refined, which makes them so much more enjoyable. You’ll want to put in your steps early in the day before eating these; once you dive in, you’ll be in nirvana and not want to do anything else except bask in the decadent flavors!

 by Diane

Moist, fresh and darn right DELICIOUS!! Those are a few adjectives to describe the chocolate ganache and lemon pound cake from The Gloria Bakery. I must say I don’t know which flavor was the best, but if you’re looking for a good moist cake for a party, family gathering or just something sweet after dinner, try the cakes from The Gloria Bakery, it won’t disappoint.

 by Shalice

If you have never had the opportunity to taste any of the dessert creations made by The Gloria Bakery’s owner, Shani, it is an experience you do not want to miss. The best part, in my opinion, is that you can taste her love for baking in each delectable bite. I am excited to try everything on the menu! Hurry down to The Gloria Bakery and get ‘glorified’.

 by Tenicia

I can not say enough about The Gloria Bakery. I have been been a loyal customer since Shani had a table at the Hollywood Farmers Market a few years ago. Everything that I have purchased is phenomenal from the artisan bread to the snickerdoodle cookies to signature lemon pound cake. My favorite has got to be hands down the milk and honey rolls. They have a great flavor, texture and freeze so well. Everyone that I have given a roll to has immediately asked who made them and how they can get some for themselves. Know that anything that you can get from The Gloria Bakery will be one of the best baked items you will ever taste.