At The Gloria Bakery, we believe that the best pastries and breads begin with the best ingredients.  We believe in seasonal baking to take advantage of the natural bounty that each season brings, and we are excited to work with local producers and growers to source the freshest local ingredients that we can use!

Pound Cake

Lavender Vanilla Pound Cake

Lovely floral notes and candied berries make this vanilla pound cake a centerpiece worthy addition to any table.  Edible lavender delights the senses in the cake and the glaze and makes this the most special “plain” pound cake you’ve ever experienced.  Enjoy it alone, or as the base for whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!

Full: $95 / Half: $80

Shae’s Triple Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate fanatics, this one’s for you!  It has the lusciously fudgy taste that you expect from the richest chocolate cake, combined with the decadent dense texture that is all pound cake.  Finished with a chocolate ganache to create the ultimate chocolate cake experience.

Full: $100 / Half: $85

The TGB Champagne Cake

The TGB Champagne Cake is a special event delight; while it is a pound cake, it is beautifully light, bubbly and effervescent.  Finished with a raspberry glaze, the Champagne Cake is the perfect, sophisticated accompaniment for a dinner for two, or for a special family dinner.

Full: $105 / Half $90

Signature Lemon Pound Cake

The Ultimate Southern Classic; served year-round.  Dense and decadent, this melt-in-your-mouth pound cake packs a luscious, lemony punch.  This cake features its signature ingredient in both the cake itself and the glaze on top.  Finished with candied lemon slices for additional flavor and a show-stopping effect.

Full: $100 / Half: $85

Who says that snickerdoodles have to be cookies?  We sure didn’t!  The Gloria Bakery’s special Snickerdoodle Pound Cake is a year-round favorite, and features the cinnamon sugar goodness that snickerdoodle cookies love in an unbelievable pound cake version.

Full: $95 / Half: $80

TGB Ruby Red Pound Cake

The TGB Ruby Red Pound cake is a perfect addition to a special date night.  This decadent, moist red velvet cake features a vanilla glaze and is perfect for any occasion!

Full: $100 / Half: $85


Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies

A TGB favorite!  Featuring Ghiardelli chocolate chips in our overnight dough.  Made to order so that you get the freshest cookies available!


Sean’s Special Snickerdoodles

TGB’s snickerdoodles are Shani’s favorite.  cookie.  ever!  Pillowy soft in the middle and ever-so-slightly crisp on the outside, these cinnamon sugar-dipped cookies are the toast of any season!



Milk and Honey Rolls

This is the bread that put TGB on the map. These signature dinner rolls are enriched with milk and honey, and the texture is perfect for adding (more) honey or sopping up that leftover gravy.